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Welcome to the official website of me – Casey Anne Moon!
I’m a kink-aware, taboo-friendly, pleasure service provider armed with a strong desire to please!
That’s more than just my catchphrase; it’s an embodiment of who I, as Casey Anne Moon, strive to be.

This site is currently best viewed on a computer. Tablet/Phone functions will be bugged, displaced, and missing.

You’ve hopefully read about what a ‘Pleasure Service Provider’ is, and perhaps more importantly, what it is not. If you haven’t done so I recommend reading about the term and its meanings on my website’s homepage.

I am much more than a Pleasure Service Provider, but I strive to walk a fine line between my professional career and my personal life. At times that can be difficult because much of what I offer as a provider are the same very things I enjoy as a hobby. You know what they say… find what it is you love and indulge it!

That said, while I absolutely love what I do as a provider, including talking to people and getting to know about them, their kinks, their hobbies, and interests I have a hard limit that my clients will be expected to respect; my personal life belongs to me and my clients will never have access to it. So long as that limit is respected you’ll find that I’m an amazing provider who will strive to fulfill your fantasies!

So who am I as a provider? I am a 100% independent provider who is an extremely open-minded, tolerant, and non-judgmental individual. That doesn’t mean that there doesn’t exist limits to that – which you’ll read later on when you find your way to my Kink List tab. It simply means that I try my best to accept others as they are with compassion, empathy, and understanding.

As a person? I am a single, pansexual, kinky, Caucasian, born in a small town – lives in a large city (Wichita), Kansas girl. I’m quick to laugh at the punniest of jokes and enjoy exploring nature, pc gaming, spending time watching television (including Supernatural, Star Trek, Law & Order: SVU) and movies (Star Wars too!), listening to music of all genres, and spending time with my many animals which include cats, fish, and a pit bull – all of whom I adore. I also enjoy crayons and coloring books, drinking mountain dew, french vanilla creamer in my coffee, and candy… Lots of candy. I also have an addiction to salt… all salt… even the liquid kind!

With regards to my physical features, I fall into the categories of “girl next door”, “housewife” “milf”, and “bbw”. Originally I’m a blue/hazel-eyed, tri-toned blonde-haired woman, but typically I have multi-colored, shoulder-length or longer hair, and trimmed pubic hair. I’ve had, for most of my life, crooked teeth but I’m currently in the process of straightening them with Invisalign braces. I have very large breasts of various band and cup sizes, a meaty ass and thighs, and a cute septum piercing that brings it all together.

I tend to keep my religious and political beliefs private – a few things will get my blood pressure up and I don’t enjoy arguing or having confrontations about things that are best left to philosophers and extremists. With that said, I certainly lean to the liberal side, I’m an Atheist who makes no claims regarding the truth behind any religious beliefs, and I tend to put more trust in modern medicine, science, and things that can be proven even if I don’t entirely understand all of the concepts involved. In case it doesn’t go without saying – I don’t put too much stock in anti-vaccination, ghosts, horoscopes (I was born on February 14, 1977 and I’m an Aquarius if it matters to you!), or tarot cards. In fact, most of it could make its way to my turn-off list!

What about my services? I excel at putting my clients at ease while providing a safe and accommodating opportunity to explore themselves. I offer a full variety of services; professional companionship, pro-domme sessions, phone calls, texting / messenger chats, virtual reality via SecondLife and IMVU, live streaming webcamera shows, custom images and video, as well as worn apparel and used items. I also provide community memberships with social features on my official website! If you’re a photographer looking to build your portfolio or work with me as a model I offer that as well. Are you another service provider and have desire to join me in a play-date? I’m very willing to get to know you!

I’ve been asked a lot of about what gets me going, what dries me up, and what kind of people I’m drawn to. Sexually, almost anything will turn me on so I don’t focus too much on that area. I know for a fact that I’m not attracted to people who exhibit narcissistic behaviors, close-mindedness, and poor self-control issues. If you’re a fan of the 2016-2020 United States political climate then we’re absolutely not compatible. However, nothing will turn me on faster than creative, intelligent, vocal people who are willing to step outside of their comfort zones and captivate me with their fantasies while pushing my limits to make them come to fruition. So if you’ve “Got kink” then please share it with me!

If there’s anything that I haven’t covered that you’re curious about please feel free to ask me – I’m willing to discuss anything.

Do you have any branding, piercings, or tattoos?
I have a septum piercing which is easily hidden, but I fully intend to have more body art done in the future.

Do you accept reviews?
You may leave a respectful review, positive or negative, on my website using the form found

Do you issue references?
Yes. Please ask your provider to email me.

It’s not my intention to waste a client’s time or my own so please be respectful of that.

Please do not schedule a booking with me for any services without first reviewing each service you’re interested in, my requirements for those services, and contacting me with any questions (not already answered by the information provided on this website) you may have regarding your interests.

I reserve the right to refuse a booking at any time for any reason and more often than not it will be due to a potential client not taking the time or effort to understand my business and how it’s operated.

Reservations up to a month in advance are welcome, but services must be scheduled at no less than 10 hours prior to the appointment as I will not accept same-day last minute appointments. If you would like to schedule a more than an hour appointment please contact me directly.

Please note that cancellations require a 24 hour notice.

Do you offer in-call / out-call?
I use a slightly complicated non-traditional combined model for providing engagement to clients. I provide out-call to a public place which may or may not result in retiring to a private location. Please read my website for further information.

I requested a booking but I haven’t received a confirmation yet!
My bookings require a 24 hour notice and will be confirmed / denied within that time. I will contact you if I have questions regarding your booking, an error occurred, or there is missing information.

I need to cancel!
Regardless of the circumstances I require a 24 hour notice of cancellation.

Using the form below is the best way to contact me and will prompt a higher quality of exchange for all parties. Please fill the form out completely.

Please understand that one-line messages such as “hey baby!”, “how much for a hand job”, “available now?”, “I’m in Wichita right now let’s hook up!” are disrespectful, a guaranteed waste of my time, and disrespectful. They’re the “dick pic” of messages. Please don’t do it. Instead, please be clear, concise, and detailed about what it is you’re seeking from me.

While my phone number is easily found on my official website and other websites it is for business use only. It is not provided for personal contact with me to ask about my rates, services, in-call/out-call reservations, or wasting my time. If you desire sexual activity via a phone then please use the “by the minute” paid phone services that I use for that activity.
Be aware that I will, at my discretion, block your number and black list you if you do not respect my boundaries.
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Tab Content

I generally avoid having a “favorite” anything as I feel that limits my experiences, but for the sake of curiosity here are a few that I’ve narrowed down.

Favorite Sport(s) – Gymnastics
Favorite Color(s) – Brown | Purple |Torquoise
Favorite Band(s) – Papa Roach | Sixx AM | Thousand Foot Krutch
Favorite Movie(s) –
Band of Brothers | Batteries Not Included | The Man Who Invented Christmas
Favorite Television Show(s) – Supernatural
| Law & Order: SVU | Will & Grace

My Favorite Feature(s) – Ass | Breasts | Eyes
Favorite Position(s) –
Boy’s On-The-Side | Doggy-Style
Favorite Toy(s) –
Magic Wand, Swivel Flogger, Lush
Favorite Fantasy –
Bondage Sex | Gangbang | Gloryhole | Stranger Danger
Favorite Kink(s) –
BDSM | Hair-Pulling | Spanking
Favorite Fetish(es) –
Favorite Taboo(s) – BBC | Klingons

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