Adult Theater Interactions

  • Adult Theater Interactions

So, you're interested in meeting me at an adult theater? You've stumbled your way into me on a random visit? Unsure of what to do? Here's what I expect in interactions in adult theaters;

Be polite and respectful!
I'm submissive. I am a slut. I am a people-pleaser. These are some of the many reasons I'm a 'Pleasure Service Provider.' I love being fucked hard, deep, and fast. I love being fucked slow, soft, and gentle. You want to grab my hair, pull my head back, and slap my ass while you fuck me? Please do. You want to call me names and aggressively tell me to swallow your cock? Please do it? To me, that's "dominance." That's "kink." That's not "disrespect." 

What I mean by "be polite and respectful" is to mind your manners. Be considerate of everyone in the room. If I'm sucking someone's dick or licking pussy, don't walk up and shove a finger or cock inside my vagina - ask the person I'm servicing first. Are they comfortable with you joining? Will it make it difficult for them to focus or enjoy themselves? Will it keep me on my knees for ten more minutes attempting to work their now deflated cock back up to an erection? Will I have a woman finding herself frustrated that she went from "almost there" to "FUCK!" If you're interfering without permission, then you're delaying everyone's gratification, extending the clock, and someone else is going to have to wait even longer.

As far as joining in? My answer will ALWAYS be 'YES!' I'm capable of tackling more than one person at a time - the more, the merrier, as the saying goes. I don't expect or really want people waiting to take turns. In an adult theater, there's always the risk of law enforcement bursting in and arresting everyone. The longer we're playing, the greater the chances of that happening. That needs to be minimized for all of our sake. But again, ask the person I'm playing with before you join.

Speaking of taking turns... I will do everything within my ability and limits to bring you to orgasm. However, there's a limit on how much time I can commit to you while others are waiting. If you find that you're just "not getting there" for whatever reason, please take a step back, let someone else have a go, and then return to the scene when you feel you're ready to try again.

Being respectful includes being mindful of store employees and non-theater customers who are in the shop areas. Some employees are more than fine with the activities taking place so long as they have plausible deniability. Some are uncomfortable with it and will call the store owner or law enforcement. The same goes for customers. Do not do anything to attract attention outside of the theater, even in the parking lot(s). 

Before arriving at a theater, I have shaved, bathed, brushed my teeth, and made sure that I'm aromatically fresh when presenting myself to people. Please do the same. I understand crease sweat happens. I understand that pubic hair holds a scent. I understand pheromones come off everyone differently. You have a unique smell, and I can respect that. In fact, I would prefer to smell it rather than the bath of cologne (not that I mind cologne) you possibly took in a misguided attempt to cover up your choice not to bathe. I fully intend to find myself gagging (hopefully) on your cock... not from the smell of your unwashed ass.

Incidentally, poppers stink, alcohol reeks, marijuana isn't a roof freshener, and I'm not interested in playing with anyone who uses illicit mind-altering substances. Whatever you do on your own time is your business, but it's no longer just about you when you come to a theater. If you end up having a heart attack while I'm playing with you or you become disorderly because you can't control yourself, then you're putting me in a dangerous and uncomfortable situation, which I'm not consenting to.

Finally, out of respect for my personal hygiene, be a gentleman, and "pick a hole." Please do not insert ANYTHING into my asshole and then insert it into my vagina without a condom change. I'd appreciate not getting a yeast infection that puts my pussy and services out of commission, and I don't think you'd be happy paying for it being put out service at my rates.

Protection, Protection, Protection!
And putting things in my body? Do not put your dick inside of my body or a tongue on my pussy without putting a barrier on between it - hard limit. If you don't have one, then I will give you one. Allergic to latex? I have alternatives. Don't like the way condoms taste? I have flavored. Don't like the way condoms feel? Too bad. I don't like the way sexually transmitted diseases would "feel." I don't care what your risk-assessment or opinion is on the subject - It's my body and choice. If you can't accept that, then I can't accept the risks involved with playing with you. Simple.

Do not use your spit to "lubricate" my holes. Spit isn't lubrication regardless of how many times you've seen it in pornography. Like condoms and dental dams, I carry lubrication. If I feel I need it, I'll get it. If you need it, then it will be provided to you. Please keep your saliva away from me, which absolutely includes kissing me - I don't kiss. Hard Limit.

Currently, in the United States, there's a COVID pandemic. Much like your opinion on sexually transmitted diseases, I don't care about your opinions on COVID. I wear a mask. I wash my hands. I expect you to do the same. I ask that you keep your mask on when you're fucking me or having your cock sucked by me. If you can't accommodate for whatever reason, then at the very minimum, when my mask is off, keep your face away from mine! Don't lean in to whisper - there's a good chance I won't hear you anyway and will pretend I did so you'll get back to fucking me.

We know that COVID is resting in the air for hours after the last infected person expelled it. We're exposing ourselves by removing our masks. I accept that there's a risk that I may catch it from a surface or air, and I'll deal with the consequences. I do not accept the risk of catching it as you chose to remove your mask, put your face near mine, and spread spittle on my face because you want to whisper, "do you like that?"

Please do not crowd participants. If you're watching while you masturbate, please do so from the peripheral and leave room around me for people to get involved. I need to (reasonably) see Damien for any communication, and he needs to see what's taking place to ensure my safety and limits. He also needs to be able to watch the entrance for law enforcement. So please, keep a respectful distance whenever you can.

Don't ask me to leave wherever I am to go somewhere else with you. I'm at the location (booth, room, theater) where you found me for numerous reasons. If you're not comfortable playing in front of other people, maybe adult theaters aren't the place for you. Adult theater play is public play. It's not about the one-on-one private activity. This is a kink and, for some, a fetish. If there are too many people for your comfortability, then the only option I have available is that you book my company for an hour off-premises. My current rate for clients is $300 an hour.

Oh, and money? Don't ever offer me money for services in an adult theater. I can't stress this enough. Prostitution is illegal, and money for "sexual favors" is not what I do. You can read more about what it is I actually do on my website. Exchanging money for sex in an adult store is a fantastic way to go to jail, attract unwanted attention, and ruin the store for everyone else. So please, don't do it. If you want to gift me a free toy with no strings attached? Well, I never turn down gifts. In fact, I try to pick up a new toy or outfit every time I'm in Wichita. Collections of both are necessary for my industry.

Damien Draevon?
I am in a "house" with Damien Draevon, and the nature of our relationship spans various roles. Whatever you think our relationship is (boyfriend, husband, bodyguard) isn't important to what's happening between me and anyone else. What is important is that he will always be present, has his instructions directly from me, and his word is binding. He knows his role and exercises it respectfully and with my complete cooperation. If he gives you instructions, i.e., put on a condom, 'stop,' 'move away,' then I expect you to comply fully. When I'm in a vulnerable position focused on pleasing others, it's his eyes and judgment that I trust implicitly. I expect him to see and know things that I don't in those moments, and while I may be confused when he tells you to stop, I won't argue with him. He has his reasons. Remember my first rule regarding being respectful. Showing him respect is included in respecting me.

In Closing...
Please remember that I'm at the theater for the experience and to drain as many cocks and feast on as many pussies as I possibly can. My goal is to provide kinky and satisfying play to everyone involved, and respecting my "rules" will assure that goal. Not to sound cocky, you'll be glad you did. Like a few have, you may discover the rate I charge clients for the experiences I provide? It's well-earned, and I don't charge nearly enough.

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