I collaborate with fellow pleasure service providers! If you’re interested in “partnering up” for a service, then please contact me.

My requirements for collaboration are simple;

I require my fees for collaboration to be paid up-front, and I pay for the collaborations I book up-front.

I screen pleasure service providers as well, but my fee for doing so is waived. Your client, however, will have to pass my screening process, of which I will share the results with you. They are responsible for paying the fee for that screening. If you choose to pay it on their behalf, please understand that it’s non-refundable, so if they flake on you or fail to pass the screening, you’re going to be out the cost of screening them.

I require eighty percent (80%) of my posted rate(s) for any service that I collaborate on. To elaborate, I will charge you two-hundred and forty dollars ($240) for a one (1) hour session.

Additionally, I will hire a pleasure service provider for collaboration at eighty percent (80%) of my posted rate(s). This means that I will pay you two-hundred and forty-dollars for a one (1) hour session with a client.

If you are a pleasure service provider who wants a session with me, I provide a discount of twenty percent (20%) on my service(s), but your screening fee will not be waived.

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