What’s your favorite… ??
I avoid, generally, having a “favorite” anything. I don’t enjoy limiting my experience(s). Bands, movies, cartoons, music… it doesn’t matter. Certainly, there are things I know I don’t like outright, but that’s not what I’m being asked, right?

For the sake of curiosity, I’ll give you a few general ideas;

Sport(s) – Gymnastics
Color(s) – Brown, Purple, and Turquoise
Band(s) – Papa Roach, Sixx AM, Thousand Foot Krutch
Movie(s) – Band of Brothers, Batteries Not Included, The Man Who Invented Christmas
Television Show(s) – Supernatural, Law & Order, Will & Grace, Star Trek
My Feature(s) – Ass, Breasts, Eyes
Position(s) – Boy’s On-The-Side, Doggy-Style
Toy(s) – Magic Wand, Swivel Flogger, Lush
Fantasies – Bondage, Gangbang, Gloryhole, Stranger Danger
Kink(s) – Deep-throating, Hair-Pulling, Spanking
Fetish(es) – Gagging
Taboo(s) – Klingons, BBC, Incest, Puppy Play

What are your statistics?
I’m very short, very round, and have an “apple” shape, currently. My weight fluctuates, and things change as I get older, so here are the basics. If you need something specific, please ask me directly.

Height – 4’11
Weight – 170 lbs – 190 lbs
Hair Color – Various (Dyed)
Eye Color – Blue | Hazel
Breasts – 44D
Head | Throat – 21.5 | 14
Arms | Forearms – 12 | 8
Hands – 7 (XS)
Waist | Hips – 40 | 46
Thighs | Knees – 26 | 16
Calves | Feet – 14 | 5.5
Shoes – 6.5 (Extra Wide)
Hat | Color – 6 7/8 | 14
Body Clothing – 18 to 20 (XL)
Inseam – 24
Panties – L to XL 

Do you have any branding, piercings, or tattoos?
I have a septum piercing, which is easily hidden. I had my nipples pierced at one time and may have them re-done. I have 14 gauge tunnels in my ears currently that I typically through hoop earrings through.

I’m always considering piercings, so if you want to fund one – let me know!

I’ve thought about tattoos – especially one of my logo, but I’ve yet to find an artist in my area that can do it. If you have someone in mind, please pass their information along.

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