I am a no-review companion!

If, as a prospective client, you feel that you need a report card on my abilities, a play-by-play description of someone else’s date (which should be very different from yours given the different elements that can occur), or that you need to be told that I specifically did not “rip-off” a client then you’re not someone that I desire to have as an admirer or a client.

Encounters between myself and my clients are consensual, customized, and intimately private. What does or doesn’t occur between myself and my client is between my client and myself.

Testimonials are non-compensated, unedited (aside from grammar), and unsolicited from friends and clients who have interacted with me that have chosen to share their opinion of me as a person and a pleasure service provider.

Warning: Anyone found violating my no-review policy will be added to my Refused Client List!

Have a testimonial you want to contribute or have questions about my policy and what’s unacceptable? Please email me!

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