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Welcome to the official website of me – Casey Anne Moon!
I’m a kink-aware, taboo-friendly, pleasure service provider armed with a strong desire to please!
That’s more than just my catchphrase; it’s an embodiment of who I, as Casey Anne Moon, strive to be.

This site is currently best viewed on a computer. Tablet/Phone functions will be bugged, displaced, and missing.

I define “kink” as having or being interested in diverse sexual preferences, atypical relationship dynamics, BDSM (bondage and discipline, domination and submission, and sadism and masochism), and the lifestyles surrounding them. If that’s you then it’s in your best interest to seek out Kink-Aware Professionals, whether it’s lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists, or companions for your needs. According to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, kink-aware is defined as “having specific knowledge of kink concepts and lifestyles, having researched and educated oneself in these areas and may have previous experience providing professional services to individuals with these interests.” Comparatively, it defines “kink-knowledgeable” as “having previously provided professional services to multiple individuals in the lifestyle – very experienced in kinks concepts and lifestyle.”

Despite being interested in kink for most of my life, experimenting with it in multiple relationships, and having a few of my own kinks, I don’t have decades of practice. I don’t fit either definition exactly and so I’ve chosen to label myself for now as a being “kink-aware” while I gain more professional experience. If you’re interested in joining me in the pursuit of that goal then please understand that it will be in a “pro-domme” situation. I am heavily focused on my career and I’m not seeking a personal relationship in my life.

A taboo is something such as an act, object, or word that is prohibited, especially in society. From my perspective there’s very little that should be considered taboo between consenting adults. Are you interested in Father/Daughter role-play? Do you want me to call you racially sensitive names? Do you want me to beg and grovel to cook dinner for you like a good little bitch? I’ll do that and much more. How much more? Ask me and let’s talk about it; anything you share with me I will keep confident.

The term ‘Pleasure Service Provider’ was coined by Damien Draevon and myself to define my career. Why not ‘camgirl’, ‘porn star’, ‘escort’, ‘pro-domme’, or something else? Read on!

When I took my first step into this career I began as a ‘camgirl’ with this silly notion that all I had to do was sit pretty on a web-camera and be entertaining. That was three years ago and today I’ve learned just how much work that requires. I’m not complaining mind you – I’ve been extremely fortunate in that I’ve had a lot of help along the way that others didn’t.

For many camgirls, a day is filled with trying to create attractive quality content to sell on websites, to place on their websites, and to give away as tokens of appreciation to their fans. It’s hours (I’ve done 14 hour shifts with minimal breaks!) of sitting there on camera being bored out of your mind waiting for someone to talk to and play with only to have them leave after five minutes. It’s learning skills like building websites, keeping records, and filing receipts for taxes. It’s researching websites, toys, lubrication, modeling poses, lighting techniques, and so much more. It’s juggling a phone, computer, and endless social media accounts. It’s learning things that usually are left to secretaries, photographers, film directors, editors, graphic designers, lawyers, and promoters.

This is one of the reasons that when people say things like “sex work isn’t real work” it’s so insulting. If you think all a camgirl does is sit around shoving over-sized toys up their asses while giggling like schoolgirls pretending to be your daughter then I encourage you to learn more!

Since 2015 I’ve decided to go beyond the camera! I still love doing it, but there’s much more I want to experience. I want to meet people, explore more kinks, and open doors to more opportunity. To do this I’ve decided to provide companionship and ‘dominatrix’ sessions. Does that mean that I’m no longer a camgirl? Nope! Does that mean I’ll stop being an escort because I’m choosing to also be a dominatrix? Will I stop being an escort because I decide that I want to shoot pornography? Again, nope. Will I always do all of these things? Possibly not. The people who engage in these paths of what is commonly referred to as “sex work” are called “sex workers.” Some, but not all, of the paths have anything to do with sex whatsoever with sex or having it. That’s why the term doesn’t really work for me.

What is that I do? I offer pleasure to consenting adults.

I am a Pleasure Service Provider!

Lastly, but most importantly, I’m armed with a strong desire to please. This may strike some as a “duh!” statement especially given that a large part of me is submissive – not only in kink but in life. However, for me, this supersedes the dominant/submissive dynamic of kink. It’s about being, as Dan Savage puts it, being good, giving, and game (GGG).

It’s about exploring and pushing my limits and aiding others in doing the same for theirs. It’s about wanting to be pleased and pleasing others. It’s about breathing life into fantasies, tasting their flavors upon the tongue, and then washing them down the back of the throat.

It’s pursing the spice of life.

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