“Cry Uncle”

‘Cry Uncle’

@DamienDraevon and I were visiting Wichita, Kansas yesterday with time to burn so we decided to check out a couple of adult theaters which we’ve never been deep into before. You can read my observations about them in my [post at the FetLife Wichita adult Theater group][https://fetlife.com/groups/122772/posts/16728423]. We arrived at the last adult store, asked about the layout of the theater and rules, and then entered the arcade/theater area…

We passed through the arcade area checking for glory-holes, and sadly finding none, headed down into an area where rooms (booths) made of divided walls began their run. Each one contained random chairs, couches, benches, and of course televisions playing pornographic videos. In one particular booth we saw a man with his pants down around his ankles and his hard cock in his hand. Just as we approached to enter another man exited. Finding not one but two possible dicks lost we pressed on. We discovered further down the hallway a much larger theater section that had a single man present. Figuring that it was a good starting point, I slowly made my way to the back of the booth and sat on a wood bench that ran the wall. Damien moved across the room to sit and observe.

A few minutes after I sat down a man, who I thought was familiar, slowly made his way into the room. As he moved closer I recognized him immediately as my maternal Uncle! I stood up and made my way to Damien and whispered my Uncle’s name. He looked confused for a moment so I repeated myself and watched him catch on after he glanced at my Uncle. This particular uncle is an elderly gentleman you might think had moved beyond sexual interest, but providing evidence that age can be just a number, he proved that where there’s a will there’s a way. Another titillating and interesting fact about my Uncle is that he was a Pastor. Sadly, he recently endured the death of my Aunt. To say I was surprised to encounter him in an adult theater is an understatement, but given the loneliness I’m sure he feels, it’s understandable.

At this point I was justifiably nervous that he’d recognize me and things could very quickly turn awkward. Adding to that fact was that I wasn’t really interested in doing anything sexual with a relative or anyone that advanced in age, I quickly left the room while Damien stayed behind and casually observed him. He later informed me that my Uncle had sat down, removed his penis from his pants, and idly masturbated. Another surprise, but not exactly shocking given the establishment. I wondered when he told me what my Uncle’s penis looked like, but I quickly dismissed it.

By that time I had I moved to a smaller booth next door figuring I wouldn’t see him again but someone else was bound to come along that I could entertain. I didn’t wait long, but it turned out to be Damien who came into the booth and gave me the update about my Uncle, and then we left that booth to continue exploring. As we entered the hallway to move backward to the front booths I saw my Uncle leaving the larger theater and turn his head to look at me. I paused and decided to re-enter the large theater my Uncle had just left thinking he was moving on. It helped that I watched a couple of men enter the room as he was leaving.

I sat down, again on a bench, and within moments my Uncle re-entered the room. This time he chose to sit on the same bench as I only further away. Damien had wandered off at this point and I found myself sitting in a partially lit room with my Mother’s brother watching a pornographic film with two other men present. I was feeling a little restless and pulled my feet on to the bench as Damien returned and sat down in a corner to observe… pretty much nothing. Why you might ask? Because after a few minutes my Uncle slowly got up and returned to the hallway. However, he remained in my line of sight, but outside of Damien’s, with the zipper of his pants down, where he stared at me. As he dropped his hand to his crotch, I slowly spread my legs open and ran my hand down my thigh to my exposed pussy. His response caught me a little off-guard; he stuck his tongue out at me as if to give me oral sex through the air, turned his head away, and then looked back at me to repeat the action before walking away.

Intrigued but cautious, I waited a few minutes and then walked out to the hallway to find him standing at the entryway to another booth. I walked past him, entering his booth, and sat down on a wood bench against the wall. With my eyes on him I brought my feet up onto the bench and spread my thighs exposing my vagina. I divided my attention and turned my head toward the screen to view a large black cock being stroked in and out of a creamy white pussy while I dropped my hand between my thighs and slowly began to play with my own pussy. In my peripherals I could see him watching me. I didn’t know what he was going to do, but I waited. It wasn’t a long wait. He took a few steps into the room, continuing to watch me, and dropped his hand into the open crotch of his pants. Then, he unexpectedly moved a folding chair near the entrance and sat to watch me while also nervously eyeing the hallway while playing with his cock. Suddenly, and a bit weirdly, he got up and left the booth. Damien informed me later that he watched him wander aimlessly for a few minutes before returning to the booth to sit on the bench near my feet.

After watching me for a few moments he rose to his feet and came closer while I casually caressed my pussy. He then reached down and began rubbing my pussy so I raised myself up and lifted my sundress up above my large breasts giving him titty access. He quickly took advantage of my right breast with one hand while continuing to pet my pussy with his other hand. Unfortunately, someone arrived at the door to the booth so he stopped and left. At this point it was fairly obvious he wasn’t comfortable having an audience to his incestuous behavior. I could be completely off-base and incest wasn’t the issue at all for him. Sadly, the interloper to the booth had nothing to offer me and showed no interest in anything I was offering so I followed my Uncle out.

This time, I found that he chose to stand in the doorway of the last booth of the hallway which happened to be playing a gay feature. An interesting choice. Perhaps he thought that there would be less interest in that booth. Surely a sign of a newcomer to adult theaters? According to Damien he found himself in a room with a rather large man who seemed interested in more than merely conversation despite being informed of a woman a booth over. At any rate, I moved past my Uncle to the couch in the middle of the room and sat down. I placed one foot on the floor and brought the other onto the couch while half-turning my body. My dress naturally slid up to my waist leaving my fully bare ass pressed on the leather material and my vagina exposed once again.

My Uncle moved from the doorway to stand in front of me and then gingerly lowered himself to his knees upon the floor. I realized that he was ready to make good on his earlier offer to lick my pussy so to alleviate some of his advanced age and the awkward positioning I raised my ass up into the air giving him access to his meal. After removing his glasses and placing them on the couch he began hunting for my pussy. For some reason it amused me, but it also made me feel like I was carrying the Grand Canyon between my thick thighs. I cannot be certain that he made contact with my labia or clitoris, and surprisingly I didn’t find hole being being jack-hammered with a finger as I’ve experienced with older men in the past. Yet again, enter another interruption with nothing to offer. Their presence of other men had become tediously annoying by this point, but as my Uncle fumbled for his glasses I chuckled. It earned me a smile from him which seemed to alleviate some of the pressure of the entire situation.

Once the intruder left us to our own devices, I lowered my ass to the couch, sat forward, and moved my mouth to my Uncle’s penis. I took him wholly and discovered to my disappointment that it wasn’t very stout. I’m accustomed to finding penis beating the back of my throat while my eyes water, my stomach heaves, my throat buckles, and I cough while slobbering everywhere. This wasn’t one of those times. On the other hand (and to my pleasant surprise) his pubic hair was shaven, his clothing smelled of being freshly laundered, and he lacked the odors that I typically encounter with older men. I proceeded to suck precariously upon his dick for a few minutes until he was fully erect and then I leaned back into the seat. I once more raised my ass into the air, but this time, to receive his cock rather than his tongue. Unfortunately given his advanced years it was difficult for him to penetrate and he decided to return to attempting to lick my pussy. Sadly, this experience was not going the way I thought it would as he returned to his feet.

Returning my ass to the couch, I decided that I would simply focus on a blowjob and give him, if nothing else, an orgasm to remember. I wasn’t certain at this point that he was going to be capable of one, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried that his heart may not take it. Once again I took his small penis into my eager lips and threw myself, as gently as I could, into milking his come onto my tongue. I alternated between sucking and suckling his fragile cock desperately waiting to taste his come. It wasn’t long before my Uncle was groaning and gasping loudly while frantically throwing his hips forward and backward towards my face. It would have been my luck, with the way the night had gone, that he’d break a hip if not both, but thankfully it didn’t happen. Instead, moments of gyration later, he exploded his tiny load into my wet mouth. After I dutifully swallowed it down my throat, I rose to my feet, pulled my dress down, and escorted him to the door. There, I found Damien standing and watching the entire affair. He quickly moved into the booth and out of our way while my Uncle turned to me. In that moment I noticed that he had tears in his eyes. He slowly began telling me how his wife had recently died and that it had been a long time since he experienced “that.”

I don’t know if the tears were from my amazing oral abilities, the forming of an intimate connection (sexual or otherwise) with another human being, his love and the grief of losing my Aunt, or the man just had a really damn good orgasm. Perhaps it was merely a combination of any of the above – I’ll never know which. I suppose that’s fair because I’m not sure if he recognized his niece while he was shoving his cock in and out of her mouth or not. A part of me hopes that he didn’t. A part of me hopes that he did. The most important part? The pleasure service provider part of me? She’s simply happy that she was able to help a lonely man meet his lusty if not sinful needs.

Welcome to the official website of me – Casey Anne Moon! I’m a kink-aware, taboo-friendly pleasure service provider armed with a strong desire to please! That’s more than just my catchphrase; it’s an embodiment of who I, as Casey Anne Moon, strive to be.

This tab consists of information about my website and its functions so that you are armed with the information you need to decide whether or not to become a member.

The most important thing to note about my website is that the only currency I can accept for membership fees is cryptocurrency until a credit card processor can be secured. I will not accept Paypal or countless others due to their refusal to allow transactions for adult-orientated content. I suggest using Metamask for your software wallet, setting up an account on Coingate (US) or Coinbase (EU) for trading, and then research how to use it. You will NOT need to purchase a membership to register on my website as a member – a free “Bronze Package” will be issued to you free of charge (see below).

My website contains four types of memberships; bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Each level provides greater access to my content, contact, and interaction with a greater cost. However, some membership types are granted with the purchase of certain content or interaction.

Bronze Package
I do not provide “trial” access to my website – instead I offer a free lifetime membership with basic access – the “Bronze Package”. It grants
access to “PG” rated content, access to the social community features installed on my website, a lifetime 2% membership discount on content and companionship services, and issues 49 “Moons” (site currency) when you verify your account.

VIP Package
There is only one way to earn a “VIP Package” on my website. How you ask? You must undergo my vigorous screening process which ensures an added layer of protection for my personal safety when I book an appointment with a client – which, you guessed it, requires a client to be a VIP member. If you’re not verified with me then it doesn’t matter how much you offer for my services the appointment will be denied. Incidentally, if you screened with me prior to joining my website then I will upgrade your membership to VIP. If you upgrade from your “VIP Package” you will keep your VIP privileges and your VIP badge on your community page.

The first and foremost benefit to this membership is that the only content restriction you have is “T” – you’ll enjoy PG, R, and X rated content. Additional benefits include being issued 1,000 “Moons”, given access to a VIP area in the community where I will place custom content for your eyes only, and a monthly 10 minute VIP streaming show that will include Taboo content.

Silver Package
The next membership level, the “Silver Package” is sold for a reoccurring monthly fee of $9.99 USD. It grants access to additional “R” rated content, increases your membership discount to 4% on content and companionship services, and issues 99 “Moons”.

For those who would rather pay a reoccurring yearly fee of $99.99 USD this option is provided under the “Silver Plus Package”. Members purchasing this option will have their benefits increased to a membership discount of 8% on content and companionship services, issued 999 “Moons”, and access to a monthly scheduled live stream (“Silver Show”) with other Silver Plus members. This show will last 15 minutes where they’ll witness “X” rated content.

Gold Package
The third membership level, the “Gold Package” is sold for a reoccurring monthly fee of $19.99 USD. It grants access to additional “X” rated content, increases your overall membership discount to 10% on content and companionship services, and issues 199 “Moons”. Additionally, Gold members are given access to a monthly scheduled live stream with other Gold and Gold Plus members which will last 30 minutes and allow rated “T”(aboo) content.

For those who would rather pay a reoccurring yearly fee of $199.99 USD this option is provided under the “Gold Plus Package”. Members purchasing this option will have their benefits increased to a membership discount of 15% on content and companionship services, issued 1,999 “Moons”, receive a monthly “Gold Member” video, access to a monthly scheduled live stream (“Gold Show”) with other Gold Plus members. This show will last 60 minutes where they’ll witness “X” rated content. Finally, Gold Plus members are given access to book my companionship service – Gold Tour.

Platinum Package
The highest priced membership level is the “Platinum Package” which is sold only as a reoccurring yearly fee of $2,500 USD and requires a member to already have a VIP membership. Platinum members are granted access to additional “T” rated content, an overall membership discount to 25% on content and companionship services, issued 4,999 “Moons”, receive a monthly “Platinum Member” video – customized by their reasonable requests, allowed “Silver Show” and “Gold Show” access, issued a monthly scheduled one on one streaming appointment with me, and given access to book a Platinum Tour. Finally, Platinum members are allowed the option of being Community Moderators.

If you disagree with my non-negotiable terms listed below please do not hesitate to seek out another Pleasure Service Provider that may be a better fit for you!

  • Statistics

Age – 42
Height – 4'11
Weight – 170 lbs
Hair Color – Various (Dyed)
Eye Color – Blue | Hazel
Breasts – 44D
Head | Throat – 21.5 | 14
Arms | Forearms – 12 | 8
Hands – 7 (XS)
Waist | Hips – 40 | 46
Thighs | Knees – 26 | 16
Calves | Feet – 14 | 5.5
Shoes – 6.5 (Extra Wide)
Hat | Color – 6 7/8 | 14
Body Clothing – 18 to 20 (XL)
Inseam – 24
Panties – L to XL

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Rates unless otherwise noted are per person hourly.

Virtual : 15 Minutes - $20 | 30 Minutes - $40 | 60 Minutes - $80

Voice : 15 Minutes - $30 | 30 Minutes - $60 | 60 Minutes - $120

Camera : 15 Minutes - $40 | 30 Minutes - $70 | 60 Minutes - $140

Modeling : $75 | Nude - $125 | Fetish - $150

Companionship : $500 | Tour - $3,500 | FMTY - $8000

DominatrixSubmissix : $1,500



Please complete the following screening requirements in their entirety. Failure to do so will result in automatic denial of services.

The Dominatrix Release Agreement that is required for pro-domme services with me reads as folllows:

This ‘Dominatrix Release Agreement’ (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is made as of DATE by and between CASEYANNEMOON, as the person or entity receiving indemnity (hereinafter referred to as the “Indemnitee”), and NAME as the person or entity bound to provide and/or protect the Indemnitee (hereafter referred to as the “Indemnitor”), and at times the Indemnitee or Indemnitor may be referred to as the “Party” or may be collectively referred to as the “Parties”.

Whereas, the Indemnitor desires and wishes to hold harmless and indemnify the Indemnitee and its successors and assigns from any and all liabilities, losses, claims, judgments, suits, fines, penalties, demands or expenses, including, but not limited to all reasonable costs for defense and investigation thereof (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, court costs, and expert fees) claimed by anyone by reason of injury or damage to the Indemnitor sustained as the proximate result of the acts or omissions of the Indemnitee, its agents, successors, and assigns or arising out of the operation or actions of the Indemnitee except when such liability may result from the sole negligence of the Indemnitee, its officers, directors, agents, servants, and/or employees; provided however, that upon the filings of any claim with the Indenitor for damages arising out of incidents for which the Indemnitee herein agrees to hold Indemnitor harmless, then and in that event the Indemnitor shall notify Indemnitee of such claim and Indemnitee shall have the right to settle, compromise, and/or defend the same.

Representation On Authority of Parties/Signatories
Each party signing this Agreement represents and warrants that s/he is duly authorized and has legal capacity to execute and deliver this Agreement. Each party represents and warrants to the other that the execution and delivery of the Agreement and the performance of such party’s obligations hereunder have been duly authorized and that the Agreement is valid and legal agreement binding on such party and enforceable in accordance with its terms.

Modification of Agreement
This Agreement may be supplemented, amended, and/or modified only by and through the mutual agreement of all parties. No supplement or modification of this Agreement shall be binding unless done so in writing and signed by all parties to this Agreement.

General Waiver
The failure of any party at any time to require performance of any provision or to resort to any remedy provided under this Agreement shall in no way affect the right of that party to require performance or to resort to a remedy at any time thereafter, nor shall the waiver by any party of a breach be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach. A waiver shall not be effective unless it is in writing and signed by the party against whom the waiver is being enforced.

Entire Agreement
This is the entire agreement between the aforementioned parties. It replaces and supersedes any and all oral agreements between the parties, as well as any prior writings.

Enforceability, Severability And/Or Reformation
In the event that any covenant, provision, and/or restriction is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, each provision shall be modified, rewritten, or interpreted, to include as much of its nature and scope as will render it enforceable. In the event it cannot be so modified, rewritten, or interpreted to be enforceable in any respect, it will not be given effect, and the remainder of the Agreement shall be enforced as if such provision was not included.

In the event that any court determines that any of the covenants, provisions or restrictions to be excessive in duration or scope or to be unreasonable or unenforceable under the laws of that state, it is the intention of the parties that such restriction may be modified or amended by the court to render it enforceable to the maximum extent permitted by the laws of that state.

Governing Laws
The validity, construction and performance of this Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Kansas applicable to contracts made and to be wholly performed within such state, without giving effect to any form of conflict of law provisions thereof. The Federal and State courts located in Kansas shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising under the terms of this Agreement.

Jurisdiction and Venue
This agreement is to be construed pursuant to the current laws of the state of Kansas. In the event that any dispute shall arise under or in connection with the agreement or related to any matter which is the subject of the agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and/or federal courts located in Kansas.

The Undersigned have Read, Understand, and Accept this Agreement, and by signing this Agreement, all parties agree to all of the aforementioned terms, conditions, and policies.






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